Our Mission

We provide Engineering Services and solutions that creates sustainable business and social impact for our clients. Provide rewarding opportunities and excellent work culture for our associates. Focus on our areas of expertise and drive excellence by continuously learning and enhancing our products and solutions. Measure success by our customer satisfaction Efficiencies

Our vision

At Meter Cube “We Strive to make a Positive difference in Everything we Do!” This is the team’s common objective; it is what we want our customers to see as our value proposition to them. Whether it be machine build, fabrication, painting or assembly we use advanced technology to provide timely delivery on high quality product.

Our Values

At Meter Cube We are a team that values integrity, business ethics, innovation and seek customer satisfaction as a trademark of our business. we respect and value our associates and ensure they feel empowered to work towards delivering our commitments. We are committed to continuous learning, engineering excellence and providing the best solutions to our customers. Our people are united by the core values of Safety, Teamwork, Respect and Integrity. We live these values to strengthen our relationships with our clients and within the communities in which we operate. They define who we are.

Why Work With Us

Meter Cube is a strategic engineering & technology partner, who Understands your business, industry, priorities, and growth plans Serves as a one-stop-shop for design, engineering, and marketing support with expertise across all stages of product lifecycle brings a unique combination of cutting-edge skills in R&D, Digital technologies, and Engineering Delivers solutions that combine quality, industry insight, service excellence and operational efficiencies.

Team is the center of the culture of our team it can only exist when all the elements of our values are solidified.

Operational Excellence describes being process driven and execution focused. This drives incremental improvement and sustainability. Our commitment is to attract, retain and develop top talent who are in line with our beliefs, vision and values.

Process Innovation represents our no constraint attitude. We work together on finding breakthrough solutions for issues which arise. We invest in People, right technology and process improvement and because of this investment, we are a financially abundant organization.

Trust is a powerful word and is defined with 4 components.

Capable - Having the knowledge, skills and resources to deliver on commitments. Competence = We “Can”

Reliable – We consistently deliver a high quality result as agreed upon. Commitment = We “Will”

Transparent – We provide true and accurate intel (good or bad) candidly. Offered before asked. No managing of messages or selective disclosure. Character = We “Must”

Team focused - Rising tide raises all ships. A direct and unbreakable linkage between personal satisfaction and Team Performance. Team = “WE before ME”


Who you meet is who you work with!  We basically become part of your team, who quickly move to understand your project needs, immersing ourselves to identify every opportunity for innovation.

Good communication between all stakeholders is key to a successful development process and delivering you both a quality design and business solution.  We are also good listeners, as the knowledge you have of your market and customers greatly help inform the way we best tackle your project.